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Crystal Mast


About Crystal Mast

Crystal Mast,  Is a highly skilled professional and personal assistant to high level executives. She’s an embodiment of professional excellence and personal support, and shines brightly in her field. Her distinguished career speaks volumes about her profound knowledge, and her array of meticulously refined skills is truly awe-inspiring. Crystal is frequently sought after by executive recruiters and head- hunters who represent CEOs, Presidents, Vice, presidents, and other high level executives in all sectors. It’s a testament to her recognized excellence in her field.

Crystal Mast, a skilled professional and personal assistant residing in New York, New York, boasts an extensive background in her field, accompanied by a diverse range of finely honed abilities. Crystal is a highly organized professional capable of multitasking and more. She is passionate about the world of business, particularly her chosen industries.

Crystal Mast was fortunate to discover her lifelong passion at a young age, as she developed a deep affection for the world of business during high school, a passion that has since evolved into her career. Her most recent professional endeavor finds her serving as an Executive Assistant and Purchasing Manager at Shoreline Construction, NY. In this multifaceted role, Crystal undertakes a myriad of responsibilities, ranging from supervising office operations to the vigilant oversight of budgets and more. One of Crystal’s biggest responsibilities is gatekeeping access to the CEO, as she must screen phone calls, mail, and direct points of contact. Anyone working directly with the public will understand this task’s challenge.

Before assuming her present role, Crystal Mast served as an Executive/Personal Assistant to top-tier CEOs in various organizations, including Axle Technology Group and Impulsive Group, which owned the Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square. These roles called for Crystal to provide CEOs with high-level personal and executive support, manage personal and business expenses, and countless other smaller tasks. Preceding these roles, she was Executive Assistant to a Senior Partner at New York Life. This early role required Crystal to hire and train all new employees, organize all client events, and manage business expenses. It was a foundational learning experience for Crystal, preparing her for later positions.

One of Crystal Mast‘s earliest positions was as an Executive/Personal Assistant to the Owner of Cactus Salon Corporation. In this role, Crystal learned about managing the CEO’s busy calendar, coordinating domestic travel arrangements, managing corporate events, and more. In many ways, this first position set the tone for Crystal’s career, preparing her for everything that would follow. 

In addition to her hard work, Crystal Mast is an active volunteer. She works with Wounded Warriors. Wounded Warriors is a charitable organization providing a wide range of support to wounded veterans and service members. Crystal is proud of the support she helps to provide and hopes to find a way to do more in the future. In addition to this, Crystal is a strong advocate for promoting awareness, particularly when it comes to various aspects of self-care.

Outside of work and volunteering, Crystal Mast has many hobbies and interests. Crystal’s passions and interests span a diverse spectrum, encompassing business, travel, skincare, fashion, literature, culinary arts, holidays, and many other pursuits. Amongst her myriad passions, one of the most prominent is her love for travel. She derives immense joy from exploring various countries and regions, with a particular fondness for warmer climates. Her cherished destinations include Stuart and Siesta Keys in Florida, the idyllic Aruba, the captivating Bahamas, and the scenic hiking trails of Long Island. At present, she is in the process of planning an exciting journey to Europe.

To learn more about Crystal Mast, visit her site on Hobbies & Interests.